Luboš Hanus

Ph.D. Student
Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University
lubos.hanus (at) fsv.cuni.cz
hanusl (at) utia.cas.cz

Short Bio

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at IES FSV UK at Charles University under the supervision of Lukáš Vácha and Jozef Baruník. My research interests are mainly in both macroeconomics and financial time series analysis. Particularly, the interest focuses on estimation methods, dependence of time series in various dimensions, and machine learning.

I am also a researcher at Institute of Information Theory and Automation at the Czech Academy of Sciences, where I work on various projects.

Research Interests


Work in progress


  1. Empir Econ
    Luboš Hanus, Lukáš Vácha
    Empirical Economics, 58(4), 1779-1795, 2020

Working papers

  1. Submitted
    Jozef Baruník, Luboš Hanus
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2310.02867, 2023
  2. Submitted
    Jozef Baruník, Luboš Hanus
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2204.06848, 2022
  3. Pre-print
    Luboš Hanus, Lukáš Vácha
    IES Working Paper, 30/2018



Summer schools


Selected conferences


Thesis supervision



Luboš Hanus

Institute of Economic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University

Address: Opletalova 26, Praha 110 01, Czech Republic
Office: Room 503
Email: lubos.hanus (at) fsv.cuni.cz

Department of Econometrics, Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Czech Academy of Sciences

Address: Pod Vodárenskou věží 1143/4, Praha 182 00, Czech Republic
Email: hanusl (at) utia.cas.cz

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